Central Canada Resource Expo is a gathering place for all those who thrive in the business of resources (Mining, Forestry and Energy). The expo will be showcasing the latest in resource technologies, expand the discussion of sustainable development with industry leaders and provide a forum that fosters economic regional growth. The Expo is an opportunity to network with experts, ask questions, see the latest in technology and where the industries are going tomorrow. Cen-Can Resources Expo will be showcasing the richness of opportunities to the world Sept 14th -15th at the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition grounds in Thunder Bay.
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Expo Highlights:
  1. Conferences
  2. Job Fair
  3. Partnering With Procurement
Three Days of conferences: Daily topic themes include: Day 1- Projects in the Pipeline , Day 2- Career-Education-Training, Day 3- Indigenous Partnerships . All virtual attendees are invited to view and participate in the presentations.
Mines have set up a virtual booth staffed with their procurement. Suppliers participating will be able to connect through the platform with mine procurement professionals.
Speak to an Indigenous organization and align your business with the mining sector. Joint venture agreements with high-profile service providers to the mining industry have been signed and partnerships will be formed.
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