Collaboration of Industry & Confederation College –Meeting the Labour Needs Part 3
Dec 1st 2:00pm
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  • Speaker: Tonia Oldford / Pauline “Pinky” McCrae

Pinky McRae has been working for Northwest Employment Works/Confederation College since 2016. She was initially hired as Outreach and Service Specialist and is now an Employment Advisor. She is responsible for the communities of Terrace Bay, Schreiber, Rossport, Pays Plat as well as Marathon.


Prior to working for Northwest Employment Works, Pinky held the position of Public Relations Coordinator for Stillwater Canada and is well connected to the mining sector. Pinky is a public-school board trustee and has been Chair of the board for 11 years.


She also is a member of the OPP Service Board for the Marathon region. Pinky is part of a team of three Employment Advisors in the Marathon office who work closely with Barrick and all industry to provide outstanding services through NEW